Thursday, March 4, 2010

Better than intention

Today was such a good day. I was super tired, but today was such a God-filled day, I can't complain. And hopefully I'll make it to bed early tonight, as I have to drive an hour and a half tomorrow to pick up my little sister, then drive back. I'm really, really excited to have her stay the weekend with me as I haven't seen her since January. Her spring break is a week earlier than mine, so she's coming here for the first two days then my parents are taking her the rest of the way home. Should be fun!

I'll be honest, this picture is kind of a fluke. I had a great shot set up, but the tripod I was using slipped down at the last minute. And for some reason, I keep coming back to this shot. I think the clothes work perfectly with the background and it has an interesting composition. I also think that this shot reminds me that sometimes accidents can create a better product than intention.  

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