Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Natural Softbox

I love the soft box light. Bounced off a wall or balancing out a harsh light, it can give a person a really nice glow and an almost perfect look. A reflector can also do this the majority of the time, which would also have worked in my title.
Yesterday it was snowing here in Virginia. Today, it was cloudy but no snow. I prefer sunny days just because I love Vitamin D and how much fun you can have out in the sun. But for photography the lighting could not have been more beautiful, because it mimics a soft box. I am so glad I had some free time around four so I could take my shot of the day.

Picture # 61

I love the lighting in this shot!!! Everything just looks so even, almost glowing. And in this picture you can clearly see my eyes, which I love. I don't have very bright eyes, but they are unique. I have two different colors in my eyes. One color, typically blue, is a ring on the outside, where the other color, typically green, is around the inside. Unfortunately, sometimes when people discover this about me they always try to stare right into them, which if I am not really close to the person it freaks me out. And I will tell them this, it is quite the conversation to have.

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