Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm a farm girl at heart.

Haha not. But I do love visiting! Today I got to have a video shoot on location at my friend's farm. It was beautiful weather, perfect settings. I really cannot wait to see how the footage turns out. The only bummer was that the youngest horse they have is a rascal and gets into everything. The guy I was working with and I walked over to the stables to film another horse when he got into my purse and knocked it to the ground. With my camera in it!!! I was never so scared for one of my possessions. I just could not believe that this horse was all up in my stuff. But it was like he was trying to taste everything, as he would pick stuff up in his mouth then slowly drop it. Yeah, never letting anything like that happen again.
Today's picture was a fast one, since I had to concentrate on filming stuff than my project. But I'm hoping I can get a still from the footage and post that soon. I wore plaid specifically for this! Hehe. I don't even own any plaid, I had to borrow it. But it looks pretty appropriate don't you think?

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