Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back to School

We made it back, safe and sound! We passed by so many accidents though, it was ridiculous. Luckily none of them looked to serious, just fender benders. I'm just so thankful that nothing happened on the trip back. I know that several parents were praying over our car so that definitely helped keep us safe.
Anyway, when I finally got back to my room this was the first thing I wanted to do!
Picture # 79
I haven't unpacked or anything. And I have an early morning class. We'll see how I do tomorrow. I've got so much homework to get done as well. Like a 5 page paper on Thursday and a video due on Wednesday. And I realized that I skipped a very crucial line while I was filming over break so I'm going to have to redo some of it to make the footage work out. Grrrr....back to stress. On the flip side, I can finally get away from all the junk food I've been eating and back to being healthy.

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