Monday, March 1, 2010

Here's to hoping!

Tomorrow is hopefully going to be the day when every last shot is done for the video I am working on now. Instead of there being only two scenes we need to shoot, there are three. And three video shoots in one day can be quite tricky.  But I've got brownies in the oven as I write, and for the guys that show up, it'll be good. 

Anyway, my picture today I took outside in the sunlight!!! It turns out that people think you are really weird when you go around taking pictures of yourself, so I had my friend Jaimy stand close by so I didn't feel too awkward. 

Ok, so it wasn't until after I decided on this picture that I realized it looks like I'm scratching an itch instead of just lounging around. Oh well, I still like the shot setup. 

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