Friday, March 5, 2010

My sis and I

I traversed all the way to my younger sister's college to pick her up today. Her spring break just started and it happens to be family weekend at my school where siblings can stay on the hall for free. So she is spending tonight and tomorrow night with me! I've already got tomorrow pretty planned out and I cannot wait to do everything we want to do. I will probably be documenting everything as we go throughout the weekend.

We had just loaded the car and about to get in and go when I cried, "Wait! We must take some pictures!" So we did. My sister is a part of Corps Cadets at her school, and she is applying to be part of the calvary next year. And a tradition they have there is to force the people who are applying to carry a horse-shoe around with them everywhere. In this pic it looks like she is attempting to shoot lasers at me. We had fun.  

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