Thursday, March 25, 2010

Memory switch

Ok, I've got my other memory card in my camera today so that means I can be back on track! I'm still going to have to buy a new one, but it's not a super high priority right now.
Speaking of high priority, I had to write a 12 page paper last night. I'm so exhausted right now, I stayed up till four then woke up around eight. And then during the day I dropped a rifle on my foot. Sounds random I know, I have done color guard since the 9th grade and one of my friends was practicing in the courtyard today. I'd say it was worth the pain just to take a break from  working.
Anyway, I just bought these awesome pants that I think every girl should have. They are seriously comfortable and you can wear them with practically everything. I'm wearing them right now, and seriously, I just want to wear them everywhere. It's ridiculous.
Picture # 81
This is what I wish I had more time for. Reading used to be such a big part of my life until college. The book I'm holding is SUCH a good book. It's titled, "Don't waste your life" by John Piper. I really need to re-read it.
And I ended my day on a high note. Literally. Tonight I went to the Wind Ensemble concert and it was phenomenal! I was so proud of all of my friends. It kind of made me miss my French Horn playing days. And I loved listening to the Tubas, especially Kyle. (Shout out!)

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