Thursday, March 25, 2010

Still no memory card

Well I didn't take a picture today. I feel like I'm failing my goal, especially since I just made it to the 80 day mark. In order to make up for it I'm posting two pictures from earlier in the year that I absolutely love but they didn't make it in.

And here's the second one!

Ok, I should be on track tomorrow. Since I'm behind because of a technology fail I will probably just extend my project and end later than January 1st. 
In other news, I hit a guy with my car today. Don't worry, it was on purpose. And no, it's not because I decided I hated him and wanted to take him out. This guy has been trained to do stunts and so my friend Ryan wanted this scene in the movie he is making. Apparently not to many people were willing to hit the guy so I stepped up. I drive a Buick so I wasn't to worried about my car. 
And... now I have to get back to my 12 page paper that's due tomorrow. I originally thought it was five pages for some reason, so now I'm basically pulling an all-nighter. But it's ok, I'll just crash on the weekend. 

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