Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First mid-term

So many mid-terms! Blah...I am the worst studier in the world, I would much rather be out living life and taking photographs. I had my first one this morning, then I have one every day until spring break.

I have this weird habit of dressing up when I have a major test to take. I believe it helps me to focus, since it's a break from the norm. Anyway, I wore a dress today, and I'll probably wear another one tomorrow. And for the picture today I tried to make the shot more of about the outfit than me. But as you can see, I cut off my head. I didn't mean to...but I had my prime lens (the nifty fifty!) which really forced me to be aware of the space available.

This turned out to be my favorite image and it really does show off my dress.

Picture # 67

A gold star goes to my friend Paul Watson for giving me some great ideas for shooting locations!

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