Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 26: Hello Somebody

This is just going to be the pre-curser, the real post will come next week when I clear up some communication issues.

Hello Somebody!

This wonderful organization was suggested to me by my friend Sarah. She is a huge fan of theirs and owns several of their apparel. Thanks Sarah!

What is Hello Somebody?
           At it's heart Hello Somebody is the result of a call to action. This specific call was to feed a million meals in one calendar year. The founder, Ben Pirtle, became inspired and plagued by a missions trip to Honduras, where the children didn't want to play with the toys he brought but instead ate the food offered behind him. Now Hello Somebody sponsors 100 street boys in Rwanda to go to school and eat twice a day.  They also are raising support for people who lost so much in the wake of the tornados that touched down in Joplin and Tuscaloosa.

Why Hello Somebody?
           Because Sarah is truly an inspiration to me and one of my dear, dear friends. I am so glad she is in my life and she greatly supports this ministry. I am very glad she suggested Hello Somebody because I have heard about the Hello Rwanda campaign on a traveling blog but not much of the charity helping it. When I read more on their website I couldn't believe what a coincidence it was! I found the story very inspiring and the products unbelievably cool. This is one nonprofit that I can get behind!


*Coolness alert. They have artists write songs and then sell them on itunes. Genius!


Remember, here is the pre-cursor, and familiarity starter. I'm going to revisit Hello Somebody on Thursday and aim to knock your socks off. :)

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