Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 12: StoryCorps Revisited

I hope people listened to some of the stories on StoryCorps. They are really powerful. Again, I highly recommend you record a conversation with a loved one.

I'm not going to say this is perfect, because it isn't, but I really wanted to highlight my grandmother. She has some amazing stories. Here are a few clips, I hope you enjoy.


1. Talking about her mom.
2. About my grandfather.
3. She did a bike tour through Europe a few years after World War II ended. 
4.Her favorite memory of me. She didn't get very specific haha. That's what I get for asking on the spot. 

Make sure you practice first before recording anything! That would have helped a lot. Also, find a really quiet place to have the conversation. I was limited because we have an aquarium downstairs and my mom mom can't go anywhere else. You hear it in the background. And actually, audio turned out better than I thought! :)

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  1. That video is amazing. your grandmother is beautiful! This was one of my favorite art pieces that you have done, I love the shots and and angles and the tone...