Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 9: Flight 93 National Memorial

A common field one day... A field of honor forever.

What is Flight 93 National Memorial?
             The memorial is to honor and remember the heroes on the plane on flight 93 (A Boeing 747 plane) whose lives were lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. All it took was 35 minutes, from when the hijackers overtook the plane to when the passengers stole it back, for history to forever be changed. Each person on that plane refused to let terrorism rule their fate. I have no idea of what the conversation must have been leading up to their struggle, but I imagine it to be so powerful. The Flight 93 National Memorial was revealed this past weekend, on September 10th, 2011.

Why Flight 93 National Memorial?
These people were not fighters. Yet they believed in something bigger than themselves. Freedom. And they sacrificed their lives for it. No matter what you believe, every person on that plane who sacrificed to save our nations capital is a hero, and they deserve the best. And unfortunately, while the Memorial was unveiled, it is not yet completed. I expect corporations to make the most donations, but if you are feeling patriotic this is a great nonprofit to donate to.

Since I did NOT have any down time today, here is a very powerful trailer of the Flight 93 movie.


  1. Wow - blogging 365 NGOs! What an amazing task! Not hard to find them, I think, but a real discipline to write about them everyday!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog today. Can I ask how you found me? Have a great week! :)

  2. Yes just over a week in and I already know it's going to take a lot! But I've done a 365 before (self-portrait photography), and on the days I could not take a picture I just resumed the next possible day. I might have to do that a few times... but hopefully not.

    This may seem pretty funny, but I was recently hired to work at SAT-7 USA and on the "What's New" newsletter they had a link to your blog. So I clicked on it and followed you on twitter.