Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 4: World Vision

What is World Vision? 
                World Vision's tagline says; "Building a better world for children," but I think that doesn't even cover half of it. This organization teaches, provides, encourages, and connects people all over the world. They have processes set in place for natural disasters and can be one of the first people on scene to help where needed. They are a company that sets up relationships for life, not just come in once and be done.
Why World Vision?
               I am highly inspired by World Vision. I do not remember when I first learned about World Vision, but I remember immediately wanting to work for them as a spokesperson. And I absolutely adore their child sponsorship program. It's hard to believe how they started sponsoring children in the 1950s and how big it has become. I think it's a genius model. By sponsoring for the care of a child, you raise the education level in a community, you lower the crime rate because less and less people feel the need to steal to provide for their family, and you provide security for a family financially which allow them to provide a loving environment for a child. Through this, you feel connected to people on the other side of the globe. It's win-win!
            Their disaster relief programs are also unbelievably strong. World Vision has been a consistent help in times of need. The 2004 Tsunami, Haiti, and now the famine in the Horn of Africa, World Vision has been the voice of the people there. I can give money to World Vision and feel completely confident that each dollar is being used in a way that values the humanity of each person being helped. As a Christian, this value is so important to me, but even more to the people in need. People shine when shown that they matter.

Instead of posting a picture of anything today, I want to encourage you to head on over to the World Vision site and consider sponsoring a child or giving to the Horn of Africa cause.


I follow them quite a bit on social media. They have an amazing media team that captures very well what is going on in World Vision work.

P.s., I am now sponsoring a beautiful little girl named Anju. She is from India, a country very close to my heart. It might be very scary to take the plunge and begin sponsoring, but it is so worth it. I put it off for years because I was never financially stable, and I regret those wasted years when I could have been doing so much good in the world. One of my dearest friend told me over the weekend when we talked about World Vision that she has always had just enough to cover her sponsorship. I would say that she was even more financially unstable than I was, and yet every month $35 dollars would leave her bank account and there would still be at least one dollar left. God has always took care of her needs and her story is very powerful through this. So don't wait, sponsor!


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