Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 24: World Help

I would say I'm pretty familiar with World Help. But I guess it would be more accurate to say I am more familiar with Vernon Brewer, the founder and president of WorldHelp.

We both attended the same University, though the name has changed since he was a student. We both became passionate about world missions after a church trip to Mexico as teenagers. I have listened to Vernon Brewer speak several times, including at my baccalaureate service. His stories always inspire and astound. I have read every book he wrote that I could snatch up, always taking the time to sit down and read them even with my school schedule.

World Help is the real deal, and with Vernon Brewer at its head, I stand behind it. World Help is providing so much, physically and spiritually! Their project, CauseLife, is transforming entire communities in Africa by providing wells with clean water. The choir, Children of the World, is one of my favorites. I always want to take one (or two or three...) of the kids home with me. LOVE THEM!


I meant to take a picture of the books I had from World Help... but the camera is downstairs and it's late. Oops. Next time.

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