Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 23: EatArt

Switching up the organization again, but I couldn't find my girl scout pictures. And I know I have badges around somewhere...

But today I found Eat-Art.org. I accidentally discovered it through twitter, though I don't remember who tweeted the link. I clicked on the website and was blown away by the art and the giving.

Now what is Eat Art?
          Eat-Art is an organization that is trying to artfully end hunger. What a slogan! Their branding is genius. Seriously, when you purchase any art or apparel, meals are sent to hungry children around the world. You get the art. The kids get to eat. *LOVE their business model!*

 Why Eat Art?
         Go to the website and you will immediately see why. Go on, click the link. I dare you. You can buy prints for $20, that goes on to feed 100 kids. My bank account is low, but even I can afford that! Now let's see you give an excuse.


I wonder if anyone would be interested in buying some of my pictures. I probably wouldn't submit self-portraits, but then again...

Who knows? :)

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