Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 18: Freedom 4/24

I really have no idea why I chose Freedom 4/24 as my nonprofit today. It is one of my top favorite organizations but today is one of the worst days for me to do a decent blogging job. I have a major sinus headache and I have to get up early to fly out to Kansas City tomorrow. I can barely see straight right now.

But... Without further ado;

What is Freedom 4/24?
           Freedom 4/24 is an organization that raises awareness about sexual slavery in Asia, mainly Thailand and seeks to fight for freedom through buying one night for a prostitute to show her a way out. Much more awesome stuff on the website.

What Freedom 4/24?
          I love what Freedom 4/24 is about. They are empowering women and making a difference overseas. Last I heard the organization has "bought" a night of freedom for 300 women and over 200 of them have reached out and taken steps to build a better life. They are effective!
Plus, I am running a 5k for their organization in October. I'm nervous since I've never run a race like this before, but I know I need to do it.


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