Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 19: Run for Their Lives

It feels like a Saturday. Maybe that's why I almost completely forgot about this post.

             (From the About page)

Run For Their Lives is a 10K race, 5k run/walk and Youth Run in Lynchburg, VA that aims to place the spotlight on sexual slavery worldwide but specifically in Southeast Asia.
Poverty in Thailand has forced hundreds of thousands of women into sexual slavery and prostitution. It is estimated that two children are sold into slavery every minute.
Run for them. Run for freedom. Run for their lives.

Why Run For Their Lives? 
          I think it's a genius way to raise money for a cause. Plus, I am running it in October. I really need to get back on track with training. 


Since I've been running and gunning all day, I did not do any art for this npo. But I am in Kansas City for a work conference, and here is a little peek.

P.s., I got to meet Nancy Stafford tonight!!! Look her up if you do not know who she is, but she's been a Hollywood actress for years and has a new movie coming out soon (Christmas with a Capital C). She's very talented and I hope I get to talk with her more about the film industry!

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