Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 3: Impact Georgia

What is Impact Georgia? 
             Impact Georgia is an organization that seeks to shine the light of Christ in the city of Atlanta through minor house repairs and intentional community work. Inspired by the ministry of Impact Florida, Impact Georgia helps teams of students encourage one another and the community they are serving by "giving up" a week out of their summer to clean up streets, rebuild porches, and exclaiming their love for God with those who may have never experienced His love for them. This week is filled with fellowship, discipleship and hard labor... with some guitar music thrown in of course!

Why Impact Georgia?
            I couldn't NOT do Impact Georgia. This nonprofit was started by one of my very dear friends, the great Kevin Jones. I met him my freshman year at Liberty University, and he has always been a positive influence in my life. He was greatly affected through his work at Impact Florida and felt called to do the same kind of work in Georgia. He and his crew have the training needed and will ensure that safety is paramount with your kids. ...I tried to get a hold of him for an interview, but we just couldn't connect this weekend. Maybe in an update (hint hint, Kevin, text me back!)?

            Also, I chose to profile Impact because I did a similar missions trip camp for three summers after finishing the 6th grade. I still remember some of the people I met and the experiences I gained during those short weeks. I learned I have no knack for carpentry, but plenty encouragement for those around me.

My work gloves from camp
If you are a parent of a teenager or a youth pastor I highly recommend checking out this type of camp, as I know God will move greatly as they are challenged.

 Go check them out!


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