Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 11: StoryCorps!

Slogan: Every voice matters
What is StoryCorps?
          Story Corps is an organization that helps to record and preserve people's stories. A few people at a time, usually family members, make an appointment at StoryCorps and then they go in and talk in front of a microphone. They have a few brick and mortar places to go and have a "conversation" or interview of the person whose story you want to keep. Stories can also be about someone who has past, to provide a legacy for their memory.

Why StoryCorps?
            StoryCorps has quickly become one of my favorite nonprofits ever. They are creative, personal, and real. Some of the stories on their site can easily make you cry. I chose to highlight them this week because they have been focused on capturing stories of experiences from 9/11.

They do not animate all of the stories that are told, but the few they do grab you and keep you.

John and Joe

Using this site as inspiration, I sat my grandmother down and interviewed her tonight. It got heavy. I saw her struggle. The audio is a mess and my vid camera shut off halfway through, but I'm glad I did it. It took about half an hour for us to get anywhere! But then just a simple question sparked a flow, and I learned a lot about my mom mom. Read through the site, follow their instructions, and grow. 

I will write more about this tomorrow, and hopefully be able to share a soundbyte of my grandmother's story. Go on and listen to the world around you. 

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