Thursday, September 1, 2011

New 365 project announcement!!!

Yes, I am starting a new 365. But this is not a self portrait project, or solely about photography, though both will probably show up on this blog many times. Now without further ado, I introduce the...


It's a year of writing about non-profit companies and the affect they have on society. I also hope to create a piece of art that interprets how I feel about the non-profit of the day, whether it's through video, drawing, sculpting, graphic design, etc. I want this to challenge me creatively and emotionally. I will start September 4th.

The Plan:
  • Sundays: Announce the non-profits to be showcased for the week.
  • Mondays --- Fridays: Showcase one non-profit each day. 
    • Thursdays: Update on a non-profit previously posted. 
    • Fridays: Write about a non-profit that YOU suggested! 
  • Saturdays: Take a break/research.

Hope you join me as this project runs along and grows. Please email me when you find a charity that you think I need to bring awareness to.

Oh... and check out what I shot at work today. Not exactly a true headshot, but fun!


  1. whereee did your hair goooo???? this sounds like a good plan! wow! Love your hair.

  2. HOLY CRAP YOUR HAIR!!! (It does look good though)

  3. Haha I was so ready for a change... and thank you! I love how it turned out. I've had two people tell me my hair reminds them of Twiggy! Not sure if that's actually true but it made my day. Definitely glad I did this.