Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 6: Y.M.C.A.

This is a non-profit post suggested by Grace Gorin.

Slogan: The Y is a nonprofit like none other. Be a member of something special.
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What is Y.M.C.A (Aka "The Y")?

 I think these guys described it best. 

Ok now, really. The Y.M.C.A. has been around for over 100 years. Originally the idea came from a young man named George Williams in London, who felt a  Young Men's Christians Association was needed for the farm boys who came to the city to look for a job. But when the need arose here a decade later a missionary decided to recreate it. Society desperately needed something like this and the Y quickly caught on. Soon after that an African-American's Y was created, and Y centers were used as meeting areas for civil right activists. In the 60s all Y.M.C.A.'s became open for everyone, regardless of race or religion.

Today the Y strives to serve the community be creating diverse programs for children, promoting healthy life styles for adults, and empowering the local body of people. While the Y might not be as Christ-focused as it used to be, the authentic love for people is as vibrant as ever.

Why the Y?
              Two reasons.
Number one. My friend Gracie works there and when first told her about this project she said I should do it. I hadn't even thought of the Y as a nonprofit, so I'm already learning a lot!

Number two. I like the Y. I used to be involved with their kids programs, including indoor soccer (where I learned soccer will never be my sport, I'm horrible at it), and over winter breaks I would get a cheap student membership and go workout. Now it's not so cheap... so I haven't been back but I really do need to go exercising. My muscle loss is horrifying. 

*Sad Note: I had the PERFECT idea for a creative piece of art for the Y, but then I ended up staying late at work and missed my opportunity. Oh well. I also worked on a huge project that I can't reveal just yet. Next week I'll have more time.

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