Sunday, May 29, 2011

Celebrating Nine Decades!

This past Thursday my grandmother turned 90 years old. Unfortunately I couldn't be here on Thursday, but my parents, my uncle and I celebrated her b-day last night. While we didn't put on 90 candles, she sure had fun!

My G'ma is the coolest

I'm living with mom mom for the week. Unfortunately she fractured her hip just before my graduation, so she wasn't able to make it to the ceremony. And she just got out of a physical therapy center yesterday so my parents want someone extra to be here while she recovers. 

I drove up expecting her to not be able to do anything, but the strength of my grandmother is astounding. She's up and walking around every hour in her walker, she's got the most upbeat attitude, and I'd say she's pretty much unstoppable. And when I cooked her dinner tonight, she kept giving me compliments, even though it was a very simple meal. I can't wait to see what this week is going to turn into!


  1. hey Beth! Yours grandmother sounds awesome. I think your logo still needs some work--I keep seeing the Logo before the picture (not sure if this is just me?) instead of seeing the picture then the logo...not sure if this is a problem or not? Most photographer's logos I've seen--they don't take away from the photograph, they arn't more "bold" or anything....but I'm not an expert!

  2. Thanks Ruth! Yeah I haven't been using the opacity, I've been lazy and just uploading it to the picture. But now I have a new logo (that my friend Charles Peters, of Heretic Press, designed) that I will be using. So you're right, and I'll be much better about it from now on! Thanks again, :)