Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pretty much the laziest day ever!

Like I said last night, I was invited to hang out with some friends right at mid-night, so I maybe went to sleep around three this morning? I ended up sleeping in till 1:45, then doing basic stuff until I met up with a friend for dinner. We got amazing desert (Strawberry ice cream topped with real strawberries and drizzled with chocolate sauce, YUM) afterwards and I wish I had gotten more. I was supposed to have more fun friend stuff tonight, but it kept getting pushed back further and further until it just got canceled. So I ended up spending some quality time with a roomie and then watching the Son of Rambo. Such a great movie!!!! I loved it so much. The two little boys are so precious, the entire time I just couldn't help but think that I want awesome kids like them. While I probably won't have many (if any, considering I might not ever get married; shhh don't tell my mom she won't like hearing that...) biological kids, I have such a huge heart for adoption. There are so many amazing kids in this world who never get a chance, and I want to be a light for the few that I can help. My parenting skills might not be the greatest, but I can give them a home and be a person they can depend on.

Anyway, after the movie I was starving so I made ramen. :)
Picture # 203

And I can't believe I am posting this.... but here is a blooper. 
Hahaha this is so gross. But I couldn't stop laughing at it so I put it up. :P

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