Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fun day = BIG post!

Today, was a beautiful day. I got started on an extra credit project, I ran camera a lot for my friend's music video, and I got to shoot engagement pictures for two good friends of mine! Seriously, if I could just stop going to classes and just fill my days with video and photo shoots, that would be amazing. I'm praying that I can actually do this for a legit career. One day. :)

Self portrait with this amazing couple! We made it all the way together, through Marching band, Biology 101, and Digital Photography class!
So... here is a small preview!

And during the video shoot earlier I handed off my still camera to my friend Dan who I think got a little camera crazy. Here is one of my favorite shots!
Yeah that's right, we know we cool. 
A random picture I took of our production pics guy when he was giving suggestions. Haha love it! My friends are so ridiculous. Ridiculous and AWESOME!!!

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  1. hahaha, everyone always bubbles that fountain. great pictures! love every one of them.