Monday, October 11, 2010

Much more productive today!

I actually got a decent amount done, and I dressed up today to help motivate myself!

Though right now I am feeling a MAJOR crunch, as I have two tests tomorrow and I don't understand nearly any of the material for one. We shall see if I pass the class or not. There is still a chance I can pass, but if I fail... well I'll just have to take it again next semester. But that one I will have to absolutely pass so I can get my degree. I must have that piece of paper!!!

Anyway, I went outside for this one. Rocking out in my green blazer, navy dress, and red high heels. I got several comments today about my style, a few that I looked like Christmas, a few that I reminded them of a leprechaun, and one said I looked very elfish. I also got some really nice compliments too, which made the day quite fun.

*Hair by Grace!

Picture # 184
 Truth is my rock. :) And my location today was surprisingly comfortable. I didn't have any problems sitting on there at all.

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  1. I thought your outfit yesterday was awesome! You looked like you came out of a magazine. (not an elf magazine either!) Good luck on your tests! You got it girl!