Friday, October 8, 2010

This may be a bit sketch...

I sometimes work on Friday nights. It's for a local news station, and it's pretty sweet. It's a good job, but after I get off of work my car is the only one left in the parking lot. And this is DOWNTOWN, where it isn't the safest. But I'm not that worried. For one thing, I know where I am headed when I die, so what's the point of stressing out about it? The pain is going to be the worst part of it, but not the actual death part. Anyway, I always park in the middle, so I would see people coming from pretty far away, and hopefully would have time to get inside my car and drive off.

Here is my sketch-looking picture in the sketch-looking lot!
Picture # 181
Yes, totally Sketch. But it got me out of my usual environment and the film noir kind of look is always fun for me!


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  2. Hey, this picture is amazing! In blacksburg, we have something called Safe Ride that is run by Virginia Tech. Safe ride is a program where you can call this number...and a police man or a certified safe ride driver will come pick you up and take you home or walk you to your car. It runs every day from sun down sun rise, and they actually get paid for it. I think its pretty sweet.

  3. That's Awesome! I'm glad they have that, there are too many bad places in America where terrible things can happen. I hope that more programs that that will pop up and that people will actually use them.