Monday, October 4, 2010

The weekend pics.

SO I have been crazy busy all weekend and have barely been on my computer. Maybe I didn't make time to post everyday because I didn't have my personal camera, but mostly it was because I would take my picture later in the day and then wouldn't come back to the apartment until two (or four) in the morning... leaving me exhausted and just crashing instead of updating. And I was pulling marathon days too, where I worked on Friday and Saturday, then spent a ton of time with my family on Sunday. Unfortunately, I was stupid and didn't take any pictures with my family like I usually do. Next time though, for sure.

Picture # 174
Not very creative...

Picture # 175
Breaking in the new seats at the just-renovated football stadium!!! Literally JUST. They were still working right up until ten minutes or so before I went up there.
Picture # 176
Counting it as Sunday since I did to much this weekend...

And now I am caught up and have my camera back and Monday's (todays, haha so sad) will be back to normal! I hope...)

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