Thursday, October 14, 2010

Accidentally Home

So I get a phone call last night from one of my best friends. We live in the same area and she was thinking about driving home. I had already planned to stay in my apartment the entire weekend, so I said no. She was fine with this. But then this morning, she calls me at 8:20 am.
"Beth, I'm going home. You want to go?"
Sleepily, I give a definite "NO." And promptly lay my head back down.
But within five minutes, I start thinking of what I need to do at home. Within ten, I text her asking if she can bring something to my family. She texts back, "Just come woman!"
And so... I went. And made it just in time for my nephew's 12th birthday party!
Picture # 187
We had fun. But now I have to find someone to replace me for work... and I'm not sure who is staying in Lynchburg who would be able to work a small, easy job from roughly 6:30 to 9:30. :(

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