Friday, October 15, 2010

My secret river...

I love being home. Seriously, it's so chill right now. And I got to sit down to a nice family dinner where I ate some of my absolute favorite food. And earlier today my mom, a friend from school, and I went down to Annapolis, where we walked downtown and grabbed some lunch. I got to see a part of Maryland that I don't typically see, and showed my friend (from Texas) how awesome MD can be! Unfortunately... I didn't take any pictures down there. It was threatening to rain the entire time. So I ending up taking my picture in my house, shooting down the stairwell. It was pretty boring, so I was trying to fool around in photoshop, when my friend decided to help me out. 
Picture # 188
I'm swimming in my own house! How cool!!!!

It's not perfect, but I learned a lot from watching him create this!

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  1. hey thats cool =P almost like the meshing between dreams and reality