Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm so tired. Again.

Blah! I was hit with some insomnia last night again. I maybe got about two hours of sleep? And while my attitude was surprisingly chipper my focus was completely gone. I do have ADD and getting anything accomplished throughout the day other than what I absolutely needed to was nearly impossible. I'm definitely sleeping in as much as possible tomorrow. Anyhoo, I'm posting three pictures today since I feel so guilty about skipping yesterday.

Picture # 191
This is actually a picture I took when my computer was down and I ended up skipping putting up posts for a whole bunch of days. I am wearing an awesome dress I got in Egypt. :)
Now for two from today!
Picture # 192

Picture # 192 b

I couldn't pick between the two because for (a) I did a much better job on framing and stuff, but for (b), I absolutely love b/c it just seems so much more raw and different. But sadly, I accidentally cut off my head. So you decide. :)


  1. I love the middle one! Did you notice that your dress and the fountain have sort of the same tactile pattern? I think that helped correlate the picture together--besides your gorgeous modeling, of course =)

  2. No I didn't even think like that. Thanks for pointing it out! I love your creative mind. And the pictures you posted of the fall are stunning! Especially the one where you are tossing your scarf. LOVE it!