Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm so tired.

Ok, I'll admit. I'm pretty beat today, and as such... my picture is pretty boring. I missed the sunlight today just due to thinking about other things and putting off taking my self pic until 8. I know, I fail.

I guess it's not completely awful though, just more like what I used to do in the beginning of this project. Sad day, I must improve!
Picture # 177
 However,  do absolutely ADORE my outfit. I'm wearing a short purple dress with long sleeves which by itself looks awful, but I wore a long shrug type thing that broke it up really well, and then I wore my skinny jeans I bought over Spring Break. So weird that I can even pull off skinny jeans. <3

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  1. love the buttons on the shrug and love your expression =)