Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It is getting way too cold, way too fast here in VA. I love Fall, but brrr I hate the cold! I'd rather take heat any day of the week. And unfortunately, because it is getting so freakin' cold way too fast, the camping trip I really wanted to take might not happen now. Booo.... But, I guess this is real life, and nothing ever goes according to plan. Anyway, I was able to brave the chilly weather and take a pic outside in my school's courtyard!
Picture # 178
Go me, I got some serious homework done tonight. But now I am barely able to keep my eyes open as I type. Peace out homies!


  1. You really love that jumper don't you =P Its getting cold here too. Its like there was no "fall" just straight from summer to winter. oh, and are those flowers behind you?? In the cold??

  2. Haha I really do. :)

    And yup! They are still there in the courtyard! I guess I got pretty lucky.