Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Green Blazer

It's actually my little sister's, but she's letting me borrow it for the semester. I rarely wear it since it is so far away from my normal style, and plus I really don't care for the color green all that much. But I chose to wear it today and all day long I got a lot of compliments as to how awesome it is. :) Wasn't really expecting it, but it sure made my day brighter! And with the weather, I definitely needed it. Here is my favorite shot, rocking it out in the rain!
Picture # 172
I do love the rain, but not when I'm carrying about expensive stuff. So while I should have taken my picture earlier in the day, or when I went out for ice cream with my good friend Kevin, I didn't. But I think I did a good job of embracing my surroundings later during the night. Oh! And for another picture of the green blazer, click here. *More trash the dress pics to come! 


  1. That is such a fun picture! The umbrella really makes it fun!