Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 48: SAT-7 Update

I am slowly adjusting to working a full-time job. It's harder than you think after 12+ years of schooling. The office world and school world are VERY different, especially right after four years of college where you are (somewhat) in charge of your schedule.

But every week I am growing more and more passionate about SAT-7 and what we do. On Tuesday we had a man from Tunisia visit our office. We spent the entire afternoon learning from him and hearing just how SAT-7 has a role in the Arab world.

There is a strong group of believers in the Middle East and North Africa and they must be supported. Because they very rarely have access to Bibles, listening to the Word of God through Satellite makes encourages their faith. He was very adamant that SAT-7 makes a huge difference in the lives of people and millions tune in regularly to watch our programming. Praise God!

Anyway, I am out visiting at my alma-mater for a long weekend but wanted to share a note about the recent Earthquake that has struck Turkey. It is a heart-breaking disaster and SAT-7 TURK is doing as much as possible to be a Christian voice in the midst of this questioning and traumatic time.

Read more from the SAT-7 USA president, Rex Rogers, here.

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  1. wow, I'll be praying for Turkey. I've seen over the past few years that you have a very big heart for people overseas and who are hurting. I love this about you, and it really challenges me to be more loving also--and to see what a selfish and consumerist world I live and participate in.