Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 40: Forgotten Voices

Sorry I missed yesterday! That's what happens when you and a few friends randomly decide to go to the bowling ally after choir and volleyball practice. Got back at midnight, crashed. Then went to work, gym, church youth leader meeting (oh yeah... I'm helping with the youth group now btw) and just got home. So you get two updates tonight!

Forgotten Voices.

Not sure why, but I actually found out about this organization when they added me on Twitter. I have been wanting to support more charities, so I followed them back. And since then, I've really like what they have had to say. They always have good links and keep their information short and sweet.

That being said, Forgotten Voices has more than just a good social media coordinator. They are very specific in which they address the needs of African communities struck by the AIDs epidemic through giving support to the local churches to empower and care for the orphans in these areas.

To me this speaks out as an INCREDIBLE need that they are fulfilling! Not only are orphans usually overlooked, but are sometimes so overwhelming to deal with that communities have to let them slip through. But Forgotten Voices is reaches out to the people who are mandated by God to care for orphans. This organization steps in and teaches leadership, provides resources and connects helpful ministries in the area together.

Neatness tells a great story in her video, and her soul just speaks deep into my heart. She has known bad, and she has known good. She is very honest about her life. Yet her hope that God will continue to give her good experiences is one that many children who have lose their parent(s) to AIDs cannot typically hope for.

I hope you take some time and find out more about what Forgotten Voices does and how they help children like Neatness.


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  1. Beth - thanks so much for the kind words about Forgotten Voices, we are encouraged by your support.

    Keep up the great writing, I enjoy your daily posts!