Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 50? --Catch up!

Wow, where did the days go?! I drove down to visit my alma-mater on Thursday and it's been a whirl-wind ever since. I had the perfect 3 day weekend but I unfortunately came back with a cold. I fought it and fought it, but alas, this cold got the best of me. Since I started feeling bad, I have reviewed a lot of my lifestyle and have come to a few decisions.

-One, I am going to the doctor's soon to discuss formally being diagnosed with ADD. I just feel like this is a step worth seeking especially because finding out different options available could help me better communicate with my boss.

-Two, I am once again, re-sorting my priorities. This month is NaNoWriMo. While this is not my year to write a novel (though that is on my bucket list!), I would like to get back into script-writing. I am going to start putting my new script on a higher level than this blog, at least for the month of November. Which leads to...

-Three, I am not going to count days anymore. Since I continue counting but skip weekends, it gets really confusing. I still hope to write about a lot of awesome non-profits and charity stories, but not as strict as I first started out. I need my time back with less pressure!

-Four, minimalism. This is something I sincerely want to pursue. But it is very difficult! I am so far away from living a minimalistic lifestyle it's scary. Although I know in the long run it'll only be better for me. Besides, I think it would be pretty cool to be able to simply hop on a plane with nothing one day, just because Jesus told me I had to go. ...Financially going minimal will be a game changer! :)

Since my heart has been captured by adoption, I would like to encourage you to head on over to this site and read the story. It's amazing what people can do when there is a support system, and boy, do these people need it!

Thank you,

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