Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 37: Stand Up to Cancer

So this might be lame, but I've been running around all day and just got back to my house (Yay for working out and volunteering to be a leader at youth group...). So I am completely wiped and because Travel the Road is one of my favorite organizations, I just can't do a simple write-up on them.

But I came across this one random Homer Simpson video and had to find out more about it. Hence, Stand Up to Cancer! I love the idea and the model they are using. It's all about connecting the right people to form "super teams" of cancer researching. It looks like they are getting close to quite a few breakthroughs. But of course, the best way to Stand Up to Cancer is to detect it early.

Here is a good place to watch the video of Homer Simpson's Colonoscopy. ;)

And here is SU2C's info-


I know cancer can be scary. And evil. Both of my grandmothers have had cancer. One is a survivor, and the other... well it's not a happy story. I've had friends fight cancer, and I know rates are on the rise. This is a big deal, and affects so many. :(

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