Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 42: Roll Back Malaria

Roll Back Malaria works with several (aka hundeds) of partners to combat Malaria. Their goal is to reduce Malaria morbidity and mortality by reaching universal coverage and strengthening health systems. Long-term, RBM wants to see a world where Malaria exists no more.

And according to the most recent news article on their site, that day could hypothetically be right around the corner. A new vaccine against Malaria has been created, with positive results. If this vaccine proves itself, this could be a HUGE game-changer. Life for the people in these Malaria-risk areas would not have to worry nearly as much. And receiving one simple shot versus taking all those pills?! That's a no brainer for any missionary, visitor, or resident.

Roll Back Malaria seems to have a strong handle on things. They are effective, efficient and passionate. Though their website is not attractive at all, and not the easiest to navigate, I like what they do. They don't seem to be huge on social media yet, but their Twitter account seems to be really good. I think that's how I found them actually. Check them out if interested.


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