Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 39: Weekly List

Time is moving fast on this project! It's not going quite the way I imagined it would, but that's real life for ya. I think because I am still cleaning and re-sorting so much in my house I just simply do not have the time to dedicate creating anything of substance for this project. Which is a shame, but unavoidable.

Oh, and another major project I've been working on is hopefully going to be released on Friday!!! I'm praying it works out, but it probably won't be completely done... just functional.

Monday: Forgotten Voices

Tuesday: Three Avocados.

Wednesday: Roll Back Malaria

Thursday: World Vision Revisited

Friday: Suggest one! I skipped this past Friday because no one suggested anything. I guess I should just start asking people.

Have a wonderful week! P.s., look up (and reflect on) Micah 6:8.

---Read the entire chapter, and then bam! You'll know when you get to the one I'm talking about. My eyes have to stop on it every time. 

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