Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 41: Three Avocados

I LOVE the story behind Three Avocados! This is one of the many reasons I love missions trips. When God moves, He really moves! And so many lives are changed through just one divinely sparked experience.

We are a society that runs on coffee. Seriously, so much so that Dunkin' Donuts has based their slogan around it! In our busy lives, we love to have that little boost of caffeine to get us going in the mornings. But so  often as we drag ourselves out of bed, we forget that people all over the water are dying just from drinking. No, they are not dying from drinking coffee. They are dying from a life-sustaining source that no one should be afraid of. Unclean water. Three Avocados is looking to change this by giving back all profits from selling fair and organic (not certified, but the founders did their homework; check it here) coffee grown in Uganda.

Having just more recently gotten into coffee, I now think more about who else would enjoy the good stuff. The number one coffee drinker in my heart (and home!) is my dad. I'm thinking Christmas presesnts! :)

I'm going to buy some now though, to see for myself what it tastes like. Go on, you know you want to too!


P.s., I love their thoughts of the day on Twitter. Highly recommend following them there!

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