Thursday, September 30, 2010

My camera is gone. :(

But it will come back! My roommate (the one who took my trash the dress pics), is gone for the weekend to shoot the pictures for her boyfriend's brother's wedding. Haha. I could probably completely re-work this sentence into something much better....but it's late and I don't want to. :P

Anyway, I'll be using her point and shoot for the weekend, which will be super different. I'm not even sure if her camera has a self-timer, which is how I take most of my pictures. It's a good thing I like challenges!

Picture # 173
Haha I like this shot because it actually looks like I have a strong jaw here. Weird I know, but it's how I feel!

*Random note. I have been on a RIDICULOUS musical kick. I can't seem to stop looking up different musicals and playing the songs over and over again. It's going to drive my some of my friends (aka the video guys I hang out with) absolutely crazy soon!

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