Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random shots from my weekend

So it has been WAY to long since I have last posted. I'm to tired to write out any real updates or complain about the taxi driver who conned me out of extra five pounds, but here are some fun pictures and I'll write out a good one soon.
Grabbing coffee on Road nine. Cafe' Greco was a great place to just chill out! I needed it after that taxi driver. Grrr...

Here's my friend Nashaat who invited me out. It was his birthday yesterday!
I actually don't drink coffee, and so I got this delicious Strawberry smoothie thing instead. And I look surprisingly awake for having an insomnia attack and not getting any sleep. I've seen been sleeping much better since that miserable night, but I still am not sleeping as well as I should. 
And here we are, goofing off during a break on a shoot last week. They asked me to name the dog, so I suggested Snoopy. They all laughed like it was a bad name. The director said it means something different here, but I forget what.  Everyone still called him Snoopy though. 

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