Monday, December 13, 2010

Movie night

Mmmmmm Movie Nights are so delightful! I love going to/hosting movie nights. There is just something special when you get to connect with a bunch of your friends over a story. Tonight, it was just Amy and I, using a comedic movie to escape from studies for awhile.
Now when I watch movies, I get fully into it. I'll yell at the characters, flinch when something jumps, and give huge belly laughs when I find something funny. Some people are fine with this, some people can't stand it. Amy... joined in with me! We both just about died of laughter so many times. And we made plenty of jokes about some of the situations. She really is an awesome, beautiful person. Especially for putting up with all the odd things that I do (like hit her knee repeatedly when something embarrassing happens to a character).
Picture #244
 Welcome to our room! Hopefully next time Lauren isn't working and gets to joins us.

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