Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Great Aunt's house = slow internet

Don't call me vain, because I sit at a vanity.
Don't call me vain, because I look in a mirror.
Life is not all about looks, you know.
Call me vain when I cannot leave the pull of materialism .
Call me vain when I ignore the plight of the helpless.
Don't call me vain.
Picture # 258
Haha I hope you enjoyed the crap poem, I felt like writing something out to go with my picture today. I'm staying at my Great-Aunt Gerry's house and she has so many amazing things in her house. This vanity was the first thing I noticed walking into the room my sister and I are sharing... of course I had to take my first picture up here using it. She was telling us that she found the comb, brush and mirror years ago (I wanna say in the 60s? Probably even earlier) in a family member's house. They hadn't been used in years so they were all black. But Aunt Gerry knew that they were Sterling Silver, so she polished and polished until they shone again. SO COOL.
Aunt Gerry is such an adorable old lady, she is 100 years old, and can still walk up and down the stairs. Earlier today though she had lost her glasses so my mom, my sister and I were searching everywhere for them. She thought she might have put them down in the kitchen somewhere, and of course, I head straight to the fridge. Right after I leave the kitchen, my sister walks in and does the same thing. Then my mom checks the fridge right after her! You just never know where a 100 year old lady will put her glasses. I eventually found them on the other side of her bed. They had fallen down by between the side and her wall. Still, it's always worth it to check the refrigerator. 


  1. I liked your poem! :) this post made me smile.

  2. awww i'd love to see a picture of you with her! sounds like such a fun and cute aunt!

  3. Thanks Katie! I'm glad you liked it. I'm not a poet, but I do enjoy the writing to express myself! And it's really encouraging that you liked it.