Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's Christmas Eve!

Yay for family days and Baby Jesus (who was actually born in the summer...)! Today was a lot of fun but I am so ready for bed. Tomorrow will be mostly a blast, but then I will have to pack up and clean out the guest room because we are leaving for Rhode Island the day after Christmas! I might not be able to post everyday on here but I definitely will be taking self-portraits, so I'll catch up after I get back for sure.
Anyway, I had to wrap all of my presents before I could post, so I just did my picture with the materials.
Picture # 255

Check out my mad wrapping skills!
Jessica's Present
Yeah, that's totally two different types of wrapping paper, what of it? Actually, wrapping gifts is pretty difficult for Lefties. Cutting the paper always gives me problems...maybe that's why I always put off wrapping gifts until last minute...


  1. I'M LEFT HANDED TOO!!!!!!!!! omgosh,

    also, merry christmas!