Friday, December 3, 2010

A Box and a Bow

Gotta leave my apartment soon to go support one of my favorite non-profit organizations, Freedom 4/24,
but I wanted to post my picture first. Aka, I'm tired and once I get back from downtown I will be crashing. Then I've got HUGE plans tomorrow so I definitely need sleep. And Jesus. I always need a little more Jesus. :)
Maybe that's who's underneath all this wrapping paper.
Picture # 234
Haha this picture kind of makes me think of someone really sketch trying to sell something even sketchier... What do you think, how could I have done better?


  1. I think its perfect. Wherever did you find said huge present to pose with? You look like a model selling the coat. Or, about to whip off the coat in a ultra sexy moment to reveal a very corset or something in a victoria secret-esqe runway show. (it least thats what it reminds me of. and no I wasn't thinking of you in a lingerie...for very long)

  2. HAHAHA Thanks Carolynn! This comment made me laugh so much (In a good way). And a couple of my friends made it for an Option LU (Look them up on facebook/youtube) episode.

  3. That is so funny Beth! "someone really sketch trying to..." and Ruth's comment is even funnier! haha! I can see her point.
    I think its a really cool picture. I think to make it seem less sketchy it would be a lighting/background issue. Instead of having such a dark shadow on the right side and a brick wall. You could have equal lighting with a happy christmas background?
    But this picture is really fun and apparently leaves a lot of room for interpretation. In that case it's perfect b/c it's making people think/talk. Great job!

  4. Haha I wish I could have found a 'Happy Christmas Background' in the lab. But you know those guys, it's all laziness and Modern Warfare. (I say this in love!!!) There is no Happy Christmas background there except for this box.

    Thanks Kelly!!!! Your comment is great and very helpful. :)