Friday, December 24, 2010

Reunion night

That's basically what it was. It was cookie day at my house today, and I had my friend Gracie and Andrew come over to help. We decided to spilt for dinner and then meet up again to hang out. Well.... in my town there really isn't much to do, so I suggested going to Applebees because after 9 the appetizers are half off. So we go, and there we meet up with Nick who had been a year a head of me and his friend Dave. But then, I saw my cousins Joe and Taylor, along with four other girls I used to be close with from middle school on. Then I saw a few other random girls up on the other side who I vaguely remembered from h.s. AND then I saw about four guys that I very vaguely remembered. I kept asking Gracie if they were who I thought they were and she would keep confirming. I'm 99% sure they didn't remember me though, as I think I look pretty different and I wasn't very memorable back then. Plus they didn't even attempt to say my name, when they definitely remembered Grace and Andrew's. Oh well.
Picture # 254
 Well, My first shot was way better framed here, but I had decided to leave it up to autofucus and it failed me miserably. I still like the feel though, so I made it my picture of the day.
Second time was terrible, but I love the interaction between Grace and I. Plus, we are in focus for this one. :)

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