Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Coffeehouse!!! Elf Style.

Sooo.... I kind of missed "yesterday's picture." I ended up being out and about all day and just never set anything up, figuring I'd have time later. Well I went to my school's Christmas talent show, which started at 11:30 pm and didn't get out till 2 am. Here are a few random fun ones, and then I'm crashing!
*Note; NO EDITING! What you see is what you get. Night all!
Picture # 241

I found Santa!!! And why does he look so familiar??? Cause it's Kyle!!!

And just for good measure here the bottom part of my outfit, with my cute shoes from Egypt and Kayla's feet. Love it! I only wish that I had grabbed a picture with my friend Olivia and her boyfriend Austin. They are the only reason I got to go, b/c I had put off buying a ticket and then it was sold out. But Austin found one for me and it worked out perfectly! Mad props to awesome friends who never leave others behind. :) & <3

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