Saturday, December 25, 2010


Happy Birthday Jesus! Today was wonderful, but exhausting. I was so blessed this morning with my presents, including this laptop! I got this in September but laptops are expensive so my dad said it was part of my presents this year. Same with my vacuum cleaner from mom. Works for me! But you'll never guess what I got under the tree. A Kindle with a $25 gift certificate to Amazon!!! I'm so excited, even though I was never expecting one. Good stuff.
Picture # 256
 Again, last minute self portrait. Oh well. Here's a picture with me and my grandfather. It was hard on everyone since my step-grandmother passed away last week. But he put on a smile and was telling jokes and such. He knew that I was traveling up to Rhode Island tomorrow and was asking if we were going to stop in New York to visit my Great-Aunt. Wehn I said yes he said that he had been to New York once. He went in 1939 when he was around 16 to attend the World Fair there. Pretty cool! Two years later he got to travel the Pacific as a Navy fighter pilot in World War II. I hope I get to hear more stories of his past soon!
*99% sure I won't have enough internet access when I'm visiting family up in the North but if I can I will link on facebook.

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