Monday, December 13, 2010

Down to the Wire

It's that time again. Finals. College students are pulling all-nighters right and left. I'm lucky, my finals shouldn't be to hard, but it's all the other stuff I have to get done that's stressing me out.
Love the Christmas tree!
Picture # 243
Sorry I'm so late for today's. I was up in my school's computer lab till midnight editing stuff. Which is my least favorite (well, maybe audio is worse for me) part about broadcasting work. I'll be a PA till two in the morning. I'll get into a rowboat and deliver lines. All band season I carried around a heavy camera bag, and I would do it again if I didn't have to edit the footage I'm shooting. My brain just isn't wired this way. 
*No make-up Sunday! Wooo!!! And I brought Kayla to my church, it was awesome. I really, really, really love this church that I'm going to. I got all dressed up for the first service I went to, but the worship leader was wearing an old gray hoodie with holy jeans. He is such a hippy. And the pastor was wearing an argyle sweater. I've been going in whatever I felt like since. Because it simply does not matter what you look like there. They are going to love you. 

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